At O’Mara, we’re transforming waste into wonders: yarns with the smallest carbon footprint ever.

Our “True-Green” ECOsense is the only polyester filament yarn made from pure, 100% post-consumer plastic bottles, unlike others using post-industrial wastes with less environmental benefit. This helps reduce the demand for new petroleum and the energy needed to produce virgin polymers, which means less greenhouse gas and non- biodegradable waste in landfills.

What’s more, our solution dye process requires none of the water or harsh chemicals often found in package dyeing.

For the growing market of eco-minded customers, ECOsense is a natural, offering the soft hand, drapability, strength, durability and colorfastness of virgin polyester.

ECOsense is available in flat and textured in solution dye color and natural bright and semi-dull, for applications across multiple markets.

For color cards, please contact us.