Variety. Performance. Beauty. Value. Outstanding O’Mara yarns enhance every application.

Denier: 40 to 1600
DPF: 1.0 to 5.0
Cross Section: Round, Tri-lobal, various others
Luster: Semi-dull, Full-dull, Bright, Super Bright
Polymers: PET, ECOsense™ recycled poly, Nylon 6 & 66,
Polypropylene, PBT, PTT
Performance Additives
– Silver Base Antimicrobial
– Stain Resistance
– Flame Resistance
– High UV
– Wicking
Available in
over 4,000
solution dye colors
and natural
Filament Yarns – False Twist Textured

100% Recycled Polyester
Flat and textured in
solution dye color and
natural bright and
semi-dull (ECOsense™)
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DTY Polyester
2/100/50, 2/150/68 and
1/70 – 6/70 in solution
dyed colors
(Radiance™ Sports)
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FDY Polyester
for Mattress Ticking
(Radiance™ Lustre) Denier: 150 – 600
Available in solution
dye colors
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POY Polyester
for Draw Warping & Air
Jet Texturing in natural
or solution dye colors
Deniers: 40 – 1600
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POY Nylon
Semi-dull and bright
in solution dyed colors
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DTY Nylon
Stretch and set
yarns for a variety of
(Radiance™ Nylon)
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FDY Nylon
Fully drawn yarn in a
range of deniers for
stocking, knitting,
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FDY Polypropylene
Filpro Radiance™ in
300 deniers
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DTY Polypropylene
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Air Covered Yarn
Available in polyester
and nylon; Spandex or
Lycra in 10 – 140 denier
Natural and colors
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Multicolored Heathers
Polyester and nylon
colors; Cat/Disperse
polyester; 2 and 3 ply
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